Rewards Help In Long-Term Behavioral Change

Rewards Help In Long-Term Behavioral Change

At present, if you can focus on long term reward scheme, it is bound to have a positive effect on behavioral patterns of your little one. Whatever you give, comes back. And this is the cardinal rule of life. And this typically goes well in parenting too.

So, as a parent your focus should be completely in investing in your child to get the long term goals. Now with investment, money is not meant. It is all about investment of love, care, security and values that your child needs at this age. 

Your child will mould himself according to what he gets from you. So if there is lack of attention and time, this will reflect in his behavior when he grows up. And, at the same time, if there is a lot of positivity in his growing up years, he will grow up to be a balanced, happy and confident human being. So, strive for a positive change right from the very beginning, and reap the results in the later years.