Rewards Will Help In Encouraging Your Little One

Rewards Will Help In Encouraging Your Little One

The reward system for your kid motivates, inspires, and thereby reinforces good behaviour in him. It’s another way of saying “Kudos! Well done my child!” Now let’s look into the A, B, C, of rewarding kids.

1. Appreciate efforts and achievements: It helps him set an aim or objective to be achieved. The reward helps him work hard towards the same.

2. Believe in his abilities: When he is awarded he begins to believe in his abilities and a sense of achievement.

3. Confidence improves: No matter how old your child is, a reward always boosts kid’s self confidence and self-esteem.

4. App or book: Download your little one’s favourite game app or gift his favourite story book.

5. Buy an ice-cream: Treat your kid with his favourite flavour ice-cream for his accomplishment.

6. Choose the right reward: The reward should be of value to your little one. Like paying a visit to his grandparents would be fun rather than visiting your relative’s home without fun.

7. Day-off from chores: Free him from his daily chores for a day as a reward.

8. Arrange a party: Surprise your little one with his friends with a kid’s party.

9. Bake a cake: Together bake a cake and treat your little one.

10. Camp out: Offer him the choice of pitching a tent in the backyard.

11. Applauses: Simple clapping of hands for your little one’s behaviour, will raise him to great heights.

12. Stickers: Sticking glittering stickers on his T-shirt or on his arm, you will be amazed to see the excitement on his face.