Role Play With Your Kids And Make Them Go Through Various Emotions

Role Play With Your Kids And Make Them Go Through Various Emotions

Making your child understand what are emotions and how to deal with different emotional situations is a great quality that can be instilled in your little one, to make her development holistic, in addition to making it another fun and engaging activity that you can do with your child. Here are some ways on how to enlighten your child about different emotional situations using role play.

1. Ideally, have at least one other adult to help you with this activity. Act out different emotional scenarios with them, placing specific emphasis on the actions and portraying the emotion that you intend to, proceeded by the action that is most appropriate for the said emotion and the change that the action or actions bring about. Do not be worried if it takes a few repetitions of the same for your child to catch on to the concept. Remember, your child needs her own time and method to process what she is presented with.

2. After letting your child watch for a few times, slowly make your child get involved with the role playing, making him attempt to perform the actions that you intend him to learn. Use prompts and action cues for him to be aware that something is required of her. Do this repeatedly till your child gets to know what to do. Celebrate the same with your child by heaping praises on how good she is in helping and make her feel happy. Positively reinforcing a child's good behavior always has a good effect on the overall growth and development of the child.

3. Using music, props and sounds always helps in these exercises, as it not only adds to the emotional weightage of the whole exercise, but also engages your little one more effectively as children are easily engaged by colorful objects, music and actions.

4. Keep in mind the kind of emotional reactions that you wish to impart in your child should be age-appropriate and something that your child will see commonly in his day to day activities. By doing so, your little one will earn the praise and love of many others around her as she able to react to appropriately to several situations, putting a big smile on her face and whole lotta love in her heart!