Rules Are Meant To Be Followed

Rules Are Meant To Be Followed

Your little one is precious to you, and it is naturally difficult for you to scold or reprimand her if she does not follow instructions. However, you need to remember that enforcing discipline is a critical part of your kid’s upbringing, and one area which you should not neglect by any means.

First of all, sit down with your child and explain the concept of rules and obedience. Tell her what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Together, fix up some consequences for breaking rules that you both agree on. This will make your kid feel that she is also part of the decision-making process.

As a part of the growing process, sometimes your kid may seem to get adamant or stubborn. Don’t be too harsh on her. Try explaining things to her in kid-friendly terms. Help her understand why certain rules need to be followed – for example, “If you run on the busy road, you may get badly hurt.”