Saying Goodbye to Chaotic Behaviour in Your Kid

Saying Goodbye to Chaotic Behaviour in Your Kid

There are actually several reasons why your child acts unruly at times during this stage. It is difficult to point out something definitely. But one of the main reasons for this is hunger. Your child at this age may not be able to feel that he is hungry. So, what he will perhaps do is to act differently to seek your attention.

So, whenever your child is behaving odd than usual, check if he is tired, wants to sleep or is hungry. Many a times, just resting for sometime and having food is good enough to calm the child. Also, keep your little one engaged with his favourite items. Boredom too breeds unruly behaviour. If he is busy, then it is unlikely that he will start throwing tantrums. So, before yelling or getting frustrated at him, make sure that you end up understanding the cause and act accordingly.