Schedule Regular Activities Throughout The Week

Schedule Regular Activities Throughout The Week
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Keeping your child entertained throughout the week can really be a tough task especially if she is very active and gets bored very easily. Here are a few fun ways you can help keeping your child engaged.

1. Make a list of activities your child really enjoys and also think of activities you can introduce her to so she will have a new experience of it. Ask your child what he might want to do so you can get a better idea on what to focus on.

2. Your child will now be at school or pre school, so that will keep her occupied for a good number of hours. Come up with activities that are not too elaborate as they can bore her out very soon.

3. You can schedule activities based on the kind of development they are framed around. For example, you can have activities based on hand eye coordination for Monday - games like catch, painting, etc., problem solving activities like simple puzzles and building blocks and so on.

4. You can also make a a well set schedule like playing catch followed by painting hor. You van hjaver this again the next day with a slight variation. This will also help motivate your child become better at the game rather than just playing it once.

5. Introduce games that help boost up your child's skills. Games like categorizing different colors will help your child with observation, playing hopscotch with understanding numbers as well as muscle coordination and so on.