School = A New World?

School = A New World?

There can be many reasons your child refuses to go to school at this time. A new school, separation anxiety, not able to make new friends, etc. are few of them.

However, by being calm and understanding what is upsetting your child, this emotional behaviour can be dealt with. Be calm yourself. Don’t be anxious otherwise your child will sense you being worried.

Try to find out what is bothering your child. You can also meet your child’s teacher. Work on easing her anxiety. But be firm that school cannot be avoided.

Talk about positive and encouraging things about school. For instance, you will get to make new friends or you will play with new toys.

Establish a good routine before leaving to and after coming from school. When routines are predictable, your child has a better sense of control as he is aware what’s going to happen next. Stick to the sleep and wake up times.

If it's separation anxiety, then get your child being dropped by an elder in the family. You can also send him by the school bus. Your child may cry initially but in some time he will get used to it. Seeing other children in the bus, he will look forward to going to school again.

Encourage activities outside home with other children where your child develops independence, like playing sports activities.