Select Games Which Teach As Well As Entertain

Select Games Which Teach As Well As Entertain

In order to develop social skills, language and problem- solving abilities in your child at this point, exercise more of your child’s thinking skills by playing games.

Many verbal games can be played while going in the car or just being at home. For instance, ''Guess the word?'' Or ''Which one doesn’t belong and why,'' the ''Yes or No game.'' It's fun, gets your child to think and adds to vocabulary building.

Games like hide and seek, puzzles, I Spy(colours, textures, shapes, sizes, other adjectives), board games(snakes and ladder, connect four, memory, tic tac toe) are amazing games to enhance his cognitive abilities. He also learns how to take turns and engage in cooperative play, adding to his social skills.

While playing, ask questions, “What do we do next?” OR “ What do we need?” This teaches him to verbalize his thinking aloud and helps, especially when he is stuck during the game.

If at all your child gets stuck or wants to give up, encourage him to solve the puzzle or game by asking questions, giving him hints, etc. This way you are encouraging problem solving. If he loses the game, tell him “It’s not all about winning a game. You had fun and work on improving the game next time.”  This way he learns to accept defeat. When he wins, appreciate it too.