Selecting Extra- Curricular Activities For Your Child

Selecting Extra- Curricular Activities For Your Child
5y to 6y

After school activities are a must for proper mental and physical development of your child. There are so many extracurricular activities for kids that selecting the correct and best one for your child can make your head spin. Here are some tips to select the activities for your child:

1. Think about your child’s interest. Talk to your child and ask him which activity he is interested in. Talk to him to receive a clear picture as to what he hopes to achieve from engaging in a stated area of interest. He might not be able to tell you the actual activity and his aim but you can help him by giving age appropriate options. Give him a chance to choose the activity on his own.

2. Do not push your child to take up any extra curricular activity. Give him a gentle guidance and be his support throughout the activities and also ensure that there is absolutely no pressure on the child.

3. Select the activity which suits your child’s routine. It shouldn’t become as burdensome for him.

4. Check for the impact of extra-curricular activity on your child. Will the activity help him in future or it is just for time being? You can select any of them but a proper activity with good output should be preferred.

5. Always create a balance between studies and extracurricular activities. The activity might be perfect to shape your child’s future but you should emphasise the importance of building a steady academic foundation at this age.