Self-learning Is More Effective Than Punishment-reward Learning

Self-learning Is More Effective Than Punishment-reward Learning

We all learn from our mistakes and children are no exception. Punishments or rewards should not be the only tool to teach your kids. Self-learning is more effective than punishment-reward learning. Now, your child is capable of learning himself through effective communication and conversation. Talk to your child to initiate his self-learning and decision making capabilities.

1. Do not sweep in everytime to correct your child’s mistakes. Try giving your child time for trial and error. Do not yell at him or pick a rod to set things right rather give him a chance to correct himself.

2. Encourage him, motivate him and inspire him. If he fails in his actions or tends to shift from his path, put in a good word. Do not bribe him or reward after he correct himself. Instead praise him for his efforts and courage to overcome setbacks.

3. Examples and evidence create far more better impact than punishment and reward. Provide examples of your own mistakes, the consequences, and how you learned from them.

4. When something goes wrong instead of telling your child how to fix it, start by asking how he think he should fix it. Guide your child to reflect on the problem and provide rich opportunities for self-learning.

5. Talk to your child on a daily basis and tell him the consequences of simple mistakes which probably he can make in near future. This will provide him the experience and ability to control his actions before committing any mistake.

6. While children learn from mistakes, they also develop the self-confidence, self-concept, and moral judgement that comes from doing something.