Set Rules And Communicate Them To Your Kids

Set Rules And Communicate Them To Your Kids

At this age, your child will be able to understand whatever you communicate with her, if not completely but to a great extent. When she is at this stage, it is necessary that you let her know there are some rules and regulations that are to be followed. This will refine her growing up and turn her into a principled individual.

1. Setting up rules may seem really stern initially as your child will have no idea at all as to what rules are and what they mean. She will have a tough time following them at first as she will need some time getting used to them. You can help by introducing only a few simple rules at a time so she becomes aware of them. For example, you can ask her to knock before she enters the room. Give her time so it sinks in and she will begin to follow the rule everytime she enters a room.

2. Do not impose the change all of a sudden. This will make your child feel awfully uncomfortable as she will have no way to cope with the change. The progression should be very gradual and it should not seem too outrageous for her to pick up on.

3. Introduce the concept of consequences to your child. It is alright for you to tell her that she will not be allowed to watch TV if she does not finish her dinner. This helps with disciplining your child right from the start. You can have a few such rules so that she understands that she cannot have her way all the time.

4. Always remember to be patient with your child. She will not be able to understand the instructions at the same pace as given to her by you. You can help by performing the actions with her so she is able to follow you.

5. Do not be too strict as you are imposing rules on her. It is alright if she slightly deviates from it. But do let her know over and over when she does wrong rather than directly resorting to consequences.