Set Up A Routine To Maximize Efficiency

Set Up A Routine To Maximize Efficiency

Having a structured effective routine in life ensures relaxed and fun filled family life. However there is great deal of patience and commitment required from the parents to make it a success. Routines help in building good habits and improving behavior.

1.To have an easy school day morning let your child pack his schoolbags, lay out uniforms, finish school projects the previous night.

2. Always make your child to do the homework at the place assigned.This will keep the books, stationery etc organized and not scattered around the house. While you help your child in homework, let your child make changes if there are any errors. Do not attend any calls or have the TV on. Following this routine will help you have enough time for fun later and will ease pressure during homework time.

3. After playtime, let your child clean up the toys around.

4. Take your child to play outdoors daily this will keep him healthy and lively.

5. Always have dinner at the same time everyday. Let your child help you in setting the table.

6. Let your child go to bed at the same time daily. Set bed time routine for your child- let him freshen up, read a book to him and give him a nice sweet hug and compliments, this will put your child to peaceful sleep.

7.Prepare a time table for your child with activity list, this will act as a ready reckoner and your child will learn to be responsible.