Setting Behavior Expectations

Setting Behavior Expectations

As your child is getting older, there is no or less space left out for his misbehaviour. As a parent, you need to set clear and reasonable behaviour expectations from your child. These expectations have to be communicated well to your child along with the consequences for violating them. Here is how you can do this:

1. Sit down with your child and outline your realistic expectations with him. Write them down and hang them where your child can see them from time to time. Make sure you are setting age appropriate expectations.

2. Be sure that you model the same behaviour. You should tell him what is the acceptable behavior at home and outside and also follow it so that they learn by example. Like, if you ask your child to finish his meals without watching T.V., apply the same on you.

3. Make your child understand that rules and expectations are part of life and are for their own good. Following disciplinary rules will help him set good traits in himself.

4. Never forget to appreciate when they follow the rules. Reward him for meeting expectations. But make sure you don’t bribe him for following rules.

5. Tell in advance, what the consequences are for misbehaving or violating rules. Punish when they don't meet the expectations. Punishing in small ways like missing their TV show or not getting play time can help reinforce the rules. Make sure you are not punishing your child outside or in front of his friends. If he misbehaves outside, just take him out of place and remind him of the consequences.