Setting Sleeping Patterns For Your Child !

Setting Sleeping Patterns For Your Child !

One of the major components for your child’s healthy physical and mental development is getting the proper amount of sleep every day, at this stage. This may include day time naps as well. Sticking to regular sleep times as well as a consistent sleep time routine is essential.

Ensure that your child at this age gets a minimum of 9 to 12 hours of sleep. As she grows older, you can start cutting down on naps. Make sure your kid follows a strict bed time routine. This could include setting out night clothes, washing the face, brushing teeth, etc. You can relax this routine on weekends and holidays if you wish.

To ensure sound sleep, start the winding down process for your child some time before her actual bed time. Stop all rowdy or noisy games and activities, and encourage quieter pursuits such as board games or reading. Also, prevent your child from watching anything on electronic gadgets just before sleeping.