Setting The Table: Basics

Setting The Table: Basics

At this stage, your child is big enough to help you with some basic chores in the house. You can get the little one started with helping you set the dining table for lunch or dinner. These kind of activities are not done to make your child learn only table manners but something much more larger and important than this.

When your child is asked to help in family arrangements, this instils a sense of responsibility and commitment in him. He knows that he is being trusted with something. And this not only makes him happy but a very unit of the family. While most of the time, kitchen activities are perceived to be female centric things, making a boy do such stuff will catapult him to see things in much bigger and broader ways in life. So, let such activities help in wholesome development of the child. 

Start with making him identify the dinnerware to be served on the table. For smaller kids, you should start with unbreakable dishes, bowls and glasses. Make him learn to identify the plates, glasses, bowls, spoons, forks and his place on the table.