Share Your Own Feelings With Someone to Better Help Your Kid

Share Your Own Feelings With Someone to Better Help Your Kid

With many behavioral changes at this stage, your child might be reserved about certain feelings and thoughts and sometimes it is directly connected with you. You will find that things go better when you have a listener for yourself so that you too have the chance to express what you think and notice what you feel as you work hard to help your child with shyness. 

By doing this, your child may also feel free with other children and will start making friends too. Shyness can sometimes be hereditary too. If you yourself have been a shy individual, there is a very good chance your child will be the same as kids emulate their parents at all times. So before you can help your child get over her shyness practice it on yourself too. Indulge in conversations with other people around you.

Share how you feel with someone you know will listen to you and express your feelings to them. This will also encourage your child to talk to children of her age group and interact more. The more you share the easier it will be to get over your shyness. Once you have managed to come out of your shell it will be easier for you to help your child come out of hers.