Show That You Are On Your Kid's Side

Show That You Are On Your Kid's Side
2y to 3y

Your child is too small to distinguish between right or wrong. According to him, everything which is not in his favour or against his wish is wrong and the person who is doing so is the problem creator for him. In such a situation, show your child that you are not a problem creator, instead you're suffering from the same problem.

1. In a situation when your child screams or cries because he doesn't want to leave someone’s house, give him a hug and tell your child that you know it's hard to go home when he is having so much fun. The idea is to show the child that instead of being part of the problem, you are actually on their side.

2. Assure your kid that you two can deal with the problem together. He is not alone. Provide multiple potential solutions to your kid's problem and show him that you are too happy to solve his problems.

3. When you do things against him, tell him the reason. Make him understand your decision well ahead in advance and let him prepare for the situation. Do not yell when your kid is acting up, tell him it is equally difficult for you to take this decision but this is good for all. Tell him that he will have fun in another way if he follows you.

4. Lend your ears to your kid's problems. Sometimes, agree with the solutions which your kid provides. This will foster him to follow your decisions too.