Simple Way of Boosting Your Kid's Counting Skills

Simple Way of Boosting Your Kid's Counting Skills
6y to 7y

Your child might be slow in math skills. That’s ok. It’s not easy to develop your child’s interest in numbers and their science. It’s a tricky one! Early exposure to number and counting activities will promote your child's comfort with these skills. Add math to your child’s daily life in small ways, that will help him think about math more positively.

1. Boost your child’s counting skills with number games such as counting the steps, counting the number of cars he have or the number of items in your shopping cart or counting number of train bogies. Start from small figures before moving to larger ones.

2. Play board games along with him that requires math skills like ludo, snake and ladder or business. Ask him to move his player according the number appear on dice. Let him count on the board. Help him in adding the numbers.

3. Making him learn counting with one-to-one correspondence game is a nice way. Ask your child to bring 10 bowls from the kitchen and mark them 1 to 10. Now, give him a collection of buttons or pom poms and put the matching amount of buttons in the bowl. Ask him to count out loud.

4. Ask your child to string the particular number of beads to make different jewellery for you. Like ask him to string 2 beads for earning, 4 for bracelet and 10 for necklace.