Simple Way Of Developing Etiquette In Your Child

Simple Way Of Developing Etiquette In Your Child
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Teaching your child proper etiquette and manners is a great quality to imbibe your child with as they are growing up, to let your little one grow into a well grounded human being. Though the concepts of such manners and etiquettes can be confounding to kids, persistent and patient efforts yield great success.

1. Following what you preach is a vital step in this process. Keep in mind that as her parents, you are her first teachers for everything that she learns and therefore when you lead by example it leaves a lasting and deep-seated impression on her.

2. Be patient with your child. Things such as, how to sit at the dinner table, how to ask people to pass any utensil or object to them from the other end of the table to them, how to chew quietly and politely and so forth are things which are learnt over a time. Do not be disappointed with your child if they do not pick up these soft skills immediately; most adults are not even aware of these!

3. When your child does not follow certain etiquette that you had previously taught him to do, do not be rude or discouraging to the child. Keep in mind that positive reinforcement goes a long way in molding your little one’s attitude growing up. Politely remind your child that of the things that were expected of him to do. Also, they might not always be in the best of moods to cooperate with you all the time and hence it is important that you are receptive to the child’s mood.

4. Etiquette and manners and things which do not always have a fixed time frame and reference point. What might have been disrespectful and uncourteous in one generation may be something that was taken for granted by the succeeding one and therefore, it is essential that you are aware of these changing trends and adapt to them timely, so as to keep your child and yourself in tune with the trend of things.