Simple Way Of Making Your Child Follow You

Simple Way Of Making Your Child Follow You

Modelling good behaviour is the best way to teach your child good manners. Your child is your reflection and will behave in a same way as you do. There are simple ways to make your child follow you.

Here are few tips that will help you to make your child learn good things:

1. Model manners. Greet everyone you meet throughout the day. Say thank you, please and sorry whenever required. Address your little ones with the same politeness and respect as you do with adult. Let your child catch it and talk politely to all.

2. Do not break the traffic rules. Do not overtake or use bad words for person who overtakes you while driving. Be a good example of traffic rules follower. Your child will learn the same and repeat when grown up.

3. Don’t force manners on your child. Do not train him like a pet. Give him a chance to observe you and then learn from it. Overdo politeness when you are teaching something to your child. This will help him learn the idea fast.

4. Never shout or disrespect your child in order to correct himself. Teach him politely to instill the politeness in your child. Look into your child’s eye and tell your child to behave properly. Children who are brought up in a good environment will spread the same message to the world when they grow up.