Sit With Your Child While He Does Homework

Sit With Your Child While He Does Homework

At this stage, it is normal for your child to dread the time when he has to do his homework. The homework hour is the most dreaded hour for any kid. This is also the time when you can learn how your kid is performing at school and whether he is able to keep up with the pace in the class.

Let this hour be the moment of truth for your child. Give him your undivided attention and ask him all the relevant questions to understand if he is learning in the class and how well is he picking up new topics. Ensure he tells you the truth by telling him that in case he is unable to understand any topic it is perfectly alright and he need not be ashamed of it. Tell him that you will help him understand it and take him through it step by step and patiently. At no time should you make him feel that there is anything wrong with him if he takes time in understanding concepts. Be a steady guide and not critical. This will help him learn with a positive approach.