Sought Help From Verbal Sources

Sought Help From Verbal Sources

At this stage, your child would have started speaking quite clearly and his vocabulary will be quite advanced too. His pronunciation will be quite clear such that you can understand what he says very easily. You can help refine his speaking skills by means of verbal sources. Here is how.

1. Have as many conversations as you can with your child. This will motivate him to respond to you as well as pick up on a few new words as he pays attention to what you are saying. Storytelling is also a great way to enrich his vocabulary.

2. Use board books to help him learn more words. Board books are fun and engaging with sounds and speech, which will be particularly fascinating for your child. He can get to learn not only through listening but also with visuals.

3. Songs are often filled with new words. Your child can learn quite a bit as he listens to them and the catchy tunes will make it very easier for him to sing along, helping him with both vocabulary and pronunciation.

4. There are several educational videos you can introduce to your child. You can find several programs on the television these days that help him learn pretty much about anything. Listening with visual stimulation is a powerful combination that will help him retain what he learnt for a much longer time.

5. Most of all, help him revise what he has learnt so far. Make him sing those songs and watch the programs he already did. This will help with knowledge retention.