Spend More Time With Your Kid If He Is Clingy

Spend More Time With Your Kid If He Is Clingy

Clinginess is a natural reaction of a child to feeling fearful or separation anxiety or for seeking attention. It is also common for your child to become more clingy when things feel unpredictable due to changes occurring in his environment at school or home. Do not overreact to her clinginess rather be supportive and spend some time to soothe her.

1. Try to identify what might be causing the clinginess and describe her feelings. If something has happened in her school or at neighbour and she got afraid of it. Or there might be just a separation anxiety from you due to some recent happening. Be responsive to her clinginess or feelings.

2. Do not punish her clingy behaviour. Ignoring clingy behavior or punishing it may make her less likely to come to you when she is feeling scared or vulnerable. Rather take it as a positive sign that she feels close and secure in your care and seeks you out for comfort when she is distressed.

3. Spend quality time with her. Take her to a lunch date or an unexpected playing session. Comfort her and make her clear of the fact that you are always there to support her. Talk to her and try to find the reason behind clinginess. Talk to her teacher or friends to find out any possible incident at school or playground which is disturbing her.

4. Praise her works that she performs independently. Help her bossts her self-confidence and ability to perform any task well without your support. Guide her whenever needed.