Spend Quality Time With Your Kid

Spend Quality Time With Your Kid
2y to 3y

At this stage, spending some quality time with your kid is quite essential for you to bond with him and make good memories that he can grow up with and it will have a positive impact on his mind. Here's a list of things you can do to spend some quality time with your little one:

1. Get down on the floor and play trucks, build forts, make cardboard buildings for cars. Go through the clothes in the house and make a dress up box; include old jewelry, hats, purses, and shoes. Plan a tea party, and follow it wherever it goes.

2. Start a small chapter book and read one chapter a day. Make reading time special by including a favourite soft toy, saving a reading place or even including a pet cat or dog in story time. You might like to include a comforting food or drink, hot milk and cookies for example, but it's not essential.

3. Simple paper plates make great masks to wear, then you can play using your masks. Pressing flowers or leafs in books is free and you can make art with the flowers. Papier-mâché and salt dough projects are thirty and fun and making models from empty house hold containers can entertain children or any age, dealing on how complicated you want to get.

4. Every kid loves to help in the kitchen. Make or buy their own cookbook and apron, then let them pick a recipe and help them make it, and do this as a weekly thing. You will be surprised how much you learn from your child while spending the time together.

5. Get a big box, cut it open, lay it flat and hand them the supplies to go crazy -- let them paint, draw, cut, and then join in.

6. All kids love picnics, the key is making them spontaneous. Pick them up from school, take a snack and head to the park, have a picnic inside, use a theme like all red food, or let them pick all the foods. It doesn't matter if you eat Twinkies and cereal for one meal. It won't kill them or you, haha!

7. Instead of saying "not right now", stop and go play for an hour. Is that bill really going to be any different if you leave it on the table and come back an hour later? Probably not, but, your child may look back and remember the day you stopped what you were doing and played for an hour.

8. Some parents call these walks pajama walks. But the thing that separates these walks from other walks, is that there is no talking going on while walking as well as no other activities besides the walking. Make sure they are dressed in their night and footwear and take them walking.