Start Off Slow And Gradually Build The Tempo In Meditation

Start Off Slow And Gradually Build The Tempo In Meditation
4y to 5y

At this stage, your child is ready to embrace some healthy habits and techniques to keep herself at peace. One of this is meditation.

If you are starting the practice of meditation for your child, then start with only a couple of minutes to begin with, then slowly increase the time as your kid gets more accustomed to the routine. Keep aside 10 minutes every day for meditation when the child will be least distracted and tired.

It is not easy to get your child to meditate. Making the child sit for even ten minutes can be a task. But one cannot possibly undermine the importance of meditation. To make this act little simple, talk to your child about meditation and various facets of it. Read stories and show videos to generate interest towards this subject. This will ensure that the child is not pushed into something that she isn’t aware off. This will also help the child to understand the process and why it needs to be followed strictly. With appropriate knowledge and talk, slowly your child will develop her own interest and meditation will fall in the right place and in the right manner.