Start Off With Simple Instructions Till Your Child Gets Used To It

Start Off With Simple Instructions Till Your Child Gets Used To It

Helping your child with following instructions can be a difficult thing to do, but there is nothing like it once you accomplish this. It can be done if you remain patient and try to help him slowly, matching his pace of understanding.

Here are a few things you can do:

1. Start off with simple things your child is already familiar with. This will help him understand how it is done in a much simpler way. Activities like brushing his teeth for example, is a simple task your child is already familiar with.

2. Start with one instruction at a time. Help him understand by demonstrating what needs to be done, after making him understand the same verbally. Ask him to repeat after you as you demonstrate. He can also do it along with you.

3. Once he has perfected following one instruction at a time, you can introduce two step instructions. You can use the same brushing his teeth activity to scale it up to two step instruction.

4.Try other two fold activities like bringing you something from the shelf and putting it back. A change in the scenery is always beneficial with respect to learning. Try this in a supermarket or at a park to give him a better sense of real world tasks.

5. Make sure all of your instructions are very clear. Be specific when you tell him what to do as this can help him do it efficiently because he will understand what needs to be done.