Stick To The Schedule To Discipline Your Child

Stick To The Schedule To Discipline Your Child

Just as free time and independence are very important for your child as he grows older, routine and discipline are equally important for his healthy all-round development too at this stage. So make sure that certain parts of his day are governed by routine and habit.

Make simple, different routines that your kid needs to follow throughout the day, every day. For example, you can have one routine for preparing for school in the morning, and another for the time before he goes to bed. Consult your kid as you prepare the routine, and make sure you take his inputs.

Just creating the routine is not enough – you need to ensure that your kid follows it. Discuss the routine with him, and make it very clear to him about what you expect, and why it is necessary to follow the same. Also, make sure you allow some flexibility on certain days, like weekends and holidays.