Stories To Teach Your Child To be Helpful

Stories To Teach Your Child To be Helpful

Stories are a great way to impart moral values and life lessons to your child along with keeping him entertained for a while. This also helps him get a fair idea about language and communication.

1. Introduce stories that primarily have animals as characters. This will create a lot more interest in the story for your child than otherwise. It will become a lot easier for you to narrate the story as well as to include lessons in the same.

2. The rat and the lion story is a great example, which is really easy for your child to understand and relate with. This story imparts a great lesson - to be helpful to those who are not helpful to you.

3. You can also tell your child made-up stories about how it is important for your child to help you with things around the house. Come up with characters and a story line that let your child understand how he can be a part of every day chores.

4. Make sure to pick stories that are relatable for your child, so he will actually be keen on listening to you with a lot of interest. Tell him how it is important to care for his belongings, how keeping clean is important and such lessons that are applicable to him.

5. Try out different ways of narrating stories so that it will not become monotonous for your child. You can use hand puppets and put on a show, which can be a visual treat for him.