Story Telling As A Part Of Language Skills

Story Telling As A Part Of Language Skills
3y to 4y

Story telling is a unique way of developing language skills at this age. Your child will develop excellent communication skills when he is able to narrate a story on his own. This also helps build their memory when they tell the story over and again.

Here are some tips for encouraging your kid for story-telling:

1. Narrate to your child lot of events or stories of his child times or yours and see if he repeats the same when asked to do so.

2. Encourage your child to tell story and ask questions from the story to let them know you are involved in the same

3. If possible give him props and do role plays in story. This boosts his confidence.

4. Give your child an opportunity to tell the stories he read so that he improves his diction, tone and grammar with every single narration.

5. Make your child read stories aloud so that he's able to improve on the pronunciation.

6. It is ok if the language is not English. Your child can enjoy telling a story from your mother tongue.

7. Wait for the child to complete the story. Do not interfere or correct in between as he may lose confidence.

8. Answer questions that your child asks when reading a story. This improves communication.

9. Encourage him to use actions while telling the story as this engages the audience.

10. Telling stories also enable kids to start conversations.

Stories help your child become familiar sounds, word and language and help with brain development.