Strengthen Family Bonding Over Shared Meals

Strengthen Family Bonding Over Shared Meals
Family Bonding

As your family sits down to have meal together, use this shared precious time to communicate with each other and get more connected.You can also do a small prayer before eating where you thank and express gratitude to God for everything in life.These small, meaningful traditions work a long way to keep the family together and happy and your child learns a lot about family's importance from this.

Find out how was your child’ s day (at school and after school). Discuss even your day with all.

Encourage conversation and self-expression. If there is an issue where he needs your help, discuss and guide him. Give him the required support and guidance.

If there is a picnic or any family outing planned in nearby future, talk about it. Get inputs from all. When done consistently, this shared time with family will be awaited and treasured by one and all, amidst a wonderful meal.