Strengthening Thumb and Finger Muscles

Strengthening Thumb and Finger Muscles
Fine Motor

Even if it looks as if it is the most normal thing to happen when your child holds a pencil at hand, it is actually not. There are some very intricate muscle movements that are involved when your child grasps a pencil with his little fingers and then tries to scribble.

Your child, has a come a long way. It is these little feet that we usually take for granted are little pieces of miracle that makes us believe in many things. Holding a pencil or a crayon or perhaps anything has very intricate muscular movements. So, it is important that you keep an eye on that. Ensure that when your child is slowly growing, you encourage a lot of hand and finger movements.

Make your child do all the hand and finger movements that will strengthen his muscles. It is important that your child’s hands muscles are strong. In many cases, the child fails to reach this milestone well in time. The reason cited by the medicos is generally lack of muscle strength the child needs to have to do the same. Make sure your baby starts with simple objects and then goes on to do the complex. Allow him his own time and space. Refrain from pushing him. About time, your baby will learn things his way. Just that, picking up a pencil, holding it the right way and then scribbling takes some jolly good time to master.