Strengthening Your Child's Limbs

Strengthening Your Child's Limbs
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Strengthening your child's limbs is quintessential for his physical development. Ensure that your child is given opportunities for regular exercise so that his bones and muscles become stronger. However, never over-strain him as it may lead to irreparable damage.

1. Encourage active sports to stay healthy. Allow him plenty of physical freedom, for example, riding a tricycle, ball games, etc.

2. Check with your local parks and recreation department for gymnastics or ballet classes your child can take.

3. Incorporate dance and exercise at home by playing music and simply dancing together. Play an instructional yoga video and do yoga with your child, it will be relaxing for both of you.

4. Ask him to pretend to be like various animals, such as, swimming like a fish or hopping like a bunny.

5. Bodyweight exercises are ideal for kids as they will not excessively strain your child’s young muscles and will help instill good exercise habits.

6. Jumping, skipping and duck walk are some effective ways to work on your child’s legs. If your child is interested in active sports, give him all the necessary options to hone his skills.

7. Your child's future fitness and activity level are greatly influenced by how you spend your spare time so you need to accompany your child so that he grows into a healthy person.

8. Make sure you include activities like swimming, sledding in the park, flying a kite in a field, in your family outings.