Summer Tip For Your Toddler

Summer Tip For Your Toddler
Health & Wellness
  • Your little one at this stage is quite prone to the risks that season changes bring. For instance, when summers are advancing you need to instruct and take care of your child. Make him wear light colored full sleeves cotton clothes.
  • Give him a lot of refreshments like lemon and fruit juices. Keep him indoors from 11 am to 4 pm as the sun is very intense and damaging. Also, make your kiddo wear a cap to protect his head and sunglasses to protect his eyes from damage as it blocks 99% of sun rays. 
  • Summers bring with it a horde of troubles for toddlers. Sunstroke being the most common. The UV rays emitted by the sun can be particularly harmful to the tender skin of your toddler. Do not let him out without properly covering his body so as to avoid direct contact with the sun.
  • Ensure that he is sufficiently hydrated and is not low on sugar. Always keep a bottle of glucose handy. Feed him fruits that have rich water content. Melons and lemon juice are some of the best things to feed them during this time. Raw mango juice also helps keep away the fear of sunstroke. Always tell him to not step out without covering his head in the sun. This way he will not be dehydrated easily. Most importantly make sure that he does not play outside during the peak hours.