Supervise Your Child Constantly to Prevent Any Mishaps

Supervise Your Child Constantly to Prevent Any Mishaps
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By now, your child would have gotten quite comfortable with her surroundings and she will be able to notice any small changes, like an object missing from its position or a new addition of furniture. Her curiosity will be piquing and she would want to know what the new object is and does. This can create quite a few mishaps if not monitored.

Keep the below pointers in mind:

1. Make sure you do not place any sharp objects, from knives to toothpicks within her reach. Now that her tiny feet are constantly in action, she will not hesitate to run about and grab anything in her reach.

2. Remember to accompany your child when she needs to walk over different types of terrains. This can also be stairs or a rocky path on the street. Provide her with support as she walks.

3. The things you could not possibly even dream of causing damage, can cause damage. You can never know what your child will want to do with a certain object. Keep a close eye while she is playing with her toys.

4. Keep very small objects away as she might pop something into her mouth. There is a high possibility that this might happen as she will be quite the explorer at this age. This can be hazardous. So, buttons, marbles and such small things should necessarily be kept away.

5. Your child will be physically active by now and will want to explore and present her capabilities to you and everyone around. She might run uncontrollably or jump around, which can end badly. Be vigilant at times like these and try to calm your child down.