Table Manners Should Be Inculcated From A Young Age

Table Manners Should Be Inculcated From A Young Age

It is very important that you teach your kiddo how to behave during meal times. It is natural that your kid will be a messy eater at first, but as he grows older, you need to start inculcating proper table manners. He is old enough to start learning and even performs the basics. Start instilling the idea that there are acceptable and unacceptable ways to act at the table.

1. Show your kid how food is to be chewed properly with the mouth closed and that he should not talk with his mouth full.

2. It can be difficult for your little one to hold the cutlery correctly so teach him patiently how to use a fork and knife to eat food.

3. Show your kiddo how to put the napkin in his lap and use it to wipe his mouth.

4. Talk pleasantly at the table. Ask him to use “please” and “thank you” when he asks for something to be passed. Be at your best behavior while eating your meals as your tiny one will learn the same from you. You are the first inspiration for your child.

5. Instead of giving commands, sit with him and teach the basic things, like hand washing before coming to the table, not to bang the utensils, no spitting food out while others are eating.

6. Teach him the proper etiquette of stop burping. Remind him to quietly say, "Excuse me" and move on. Everyone else at the table should not draw attention to the noise and act as if nothing happened.

7. Try to make mealtime a healthy adventure. You can ask your kiddo to tell about the food having Vitamin C, etc. Give your child appreciation for behaving well at the table.