Take A Break To Calm Yourself And Never Show Your Anger In Front Of Your Child

Take A Break To Calm Yourself And Never Show Your Anger In Front Of Your Child
  • Your child at this stage is easily affected by what she hears and sees, especially when that comes from you. Never take out your anger with someone else on your child by shouting or using bad words, as this will scare your child.
  • However, if you are really anxious about something and are unable to calm yourself, leave your little one with someone reliable and take a short break to cool down rather than reacting in front of your child. 
  • Emotional stability and security are the first things that you as a parent must ensure for your child as these are the building blocks of her psychological development. An emotionally insecure child grows up to be vulnerable adult. Avoid such a situation. If you are angry over something, sort that matter out away from your child.
  • Do not let the little one see you in a mood where your language is offensive or actions fearsome as she will learn the same behaviour and emulate you in her interactions with others. This can be a cause of social embarrassment.
  • If you feel like you cannot control your anger around your little one, which can be common depending on the situation as you too have limitations of your patience, it is better to momentarily leave your child in the care of someone who is better able to take care of her while you vent your anger or frustration out and cool it off.
  • Whatever you do, avoid being around your kid in a foul mood, as it leaves them susceptible to your anger too whether you like it or not.