Take Immediate Action If Your Kid Is Being Bullied

Take Immediate Action If Your Kid Is Being Bullied

As a parent, this can be one of the toughest situations - Your child being bullied. It can really mess with your peace of mind to see your child go through being bullied, especially when you take such great care of him. But if it does happen, and here are some actions you need to take immediately.

1. Your child may not be very vocal if he is being bullied. Observe him as much as you can and look for signs like him giving you strange reasons for not wanting to go to school, being sad or depressed, being scared of everything, bedwetting and so on. Have conversations with him to find out what's wrong.

2. Find out who the bully is. Your child may be so scared that he might not give the bully up in one go. You will probably have to spend more time trying to get him to talk to you about it.

3. Your child is likely to feel that it is all his fault. He may begin to blame himself for being bullied. Do not let your child go into this loop as it may be quite difficult for him to break free.

4. A visit to the school is in order. Meet your child's teacher and find out more about the situation. The teacher might not know much about it, but when you find out more specifics, you can have a chat with the "bully's" parents and let them in on the news.

5. Remember that this may not stop immediately. Your child may get bullied by the same or another kid at school. Prepare him on how to deal with the situation well in advance so he doesn't have to deal with it in the first place.