Taking Care Of Your Kid's Dark Circles

Taking Care Of Your Kid's Dark Circles
4y to 5y
Health & Hygiene

Your child's skin needs extra care at this stage, and due to growing up, a lot of things that adults go through, is likely to be reflected on your child. For instance, dark circles. Kids with dark circles under the eyes is never a great sight to have. And if your child is one to have it, it will definitely get you rolling out remedies in succession. Hold it there! Before finding remedies, it is important to find the cause of the dark circles. A child having dark circles is not common but it isn’t rare too.

Stress, malnutrition, dermatological problems and some inherent health problems can cause dark circles. As mentioned earlier don’t treat your child the way you would treat yourself. Rather, address the issue from the core so that you get better and long term results. If you think your own diagnosis isn’t fruitful, check with a doctor for getting a better opinion. Dark circle in your child is less of an aesthetic problem and more of an underlying physical problem. Avoid applying adult skin cream on your child’s under eye area. Look for home remedies like hot chicken soup, honey, etc, to solve the issue. Give your child enough rest as rest and adequate sleep are the best solution for dark circles. If the problem persists, take your child to a paediatrician who can diagnose the root cause and suggest treatment.