Talk To Your Child About The Imaginary Friend

Talk To Your Child About The Imaginary Friend

Pretend play helps your child to be more creative, practice verbal skills and allows freedom of self-expression at this point of his life. He may have an imaginary friend with whom he talks, reads and fantasizes play. His make-believe friend is part of his social circle.

When your child mentions about his imaginary friend, try to find more from your child about this friend. For instance, what’s his name? What games you play with him?  You can even take video clips of his play with the friend or maintain a journal where you document moments of your child with his invisible friend.

At times, just sit, watch and enjoy. Hearing your child’s conversation and play with his friend can be joyous to watch.

You can also be part of the play once in a while. However, be careful you don’t take over their friendship. Go as per your child’s directives and enjoy the play.