Teach Empathy To Kids

Teach Empathy To Kids

You are teaching your growing child so many things – academics, good eating habits, speech skills, behaviour, etc. A very important thing you also need to teach him is empathy – the skill of caring about other people’s feelings.

It is very important to teach empathy to your kid. When he learns to understand the other person’s point of view, he is in effect stepping back from being ‘right’ and learning to care. You should encourage this as it teaches him that compromise is a great tool in relationships. He will learn that it is not always about getting your own way or getting what you want, but doing what is right.

Start off with small situations. Point out how certain behaviours make people feel good and how negative behaviour could hurt someone. For example, you can tell him, “You know, Ravi might have been a little upset when you refused to share your chocolate with him.” He will slowly learn to consider other people’s sentiments.