Teach Your Child About Safety In The Bathroom

Teach Your Child About Safety In The Bathroom
Health & Hygiene
  • At this stage, your child should be aware of a certain safety measures in the house, especially in the washroom. You need to alert your child about safety in the bathroom. Tell her not to run and jump on a wet surface as she might fall and have a bad accident. Teach her where she can get water for herself and to walk very carefully when carrying the bucket so as not to spill water. 
  • A child who has just learnt how to walk on her legs will be excited to run and explore all the places. Needless to say, water bodies will excite her the most. While splashing in the bathtub may not be as dangerous but if she keeps running around on wet surface there is a very good chance her tiny feet will slip since she is still very soft to form perfect grip on the floor. 
  • Teach your little one not to walk on any wet surface without due support either of a wall or someone. Better still instruct her against being around wet floors without an adult supervision. It is less likely that she will pay any heed to your advice though, in the first go.
  • However, there is also a very good chance that she will slip once or twice before she learns by herself not to walk on wet floor. During such times be around to catch her in time so that she realises that being alone in such situations can hurt her. A healthy doze of apprehension can save a lot of trouble.