Teach Your Child The Value Of Money

Teach Your Child The Value Of Money

Knowing the importance of money and making judicious use of it is a much needed skill in every child. As a parent, it is important for you to teach your child the same. Here are some ways you can try and help your child.

1. Explain to your child what money is and what its uses are.

2. Take your child on a trip to the supermarket and allow her to take part in the grocery shopping. This will help her understand that things she makes use of costs money. This will also help her develop respect for things around her.

3. Another way to get her to understand the importance of money is to set her a weekly or a monthly allowance. This will help her understand that she cannot spend any more money than she has. This will help her get a head start on money management.

4. You can set up a savings system by means of a piggy bank where she can store her allowance. Let her know that she can get all the toys and other things by making use of the money in her piggy bank.

5. Help your child understand that can earn money by helping you with an extra set of chores other than her regular responsibilities. Reward her when she helps you so she can understand the fact that money does not grow on trees.

6. Let her know that she cannot spend on unnecessary things. Ask her to keep a note of things she buys using her allowance, with the amount she spends.