Teach Your Kid About Right And Wrong Through Examples

Teach Your Kid About Right And Wrong Through Examples

Teaching your child right from wrong at an early stage will help him flourish into a very wise young individual. Your child will be able to judge several situations and occurences purely based on instinct because of understanding the concept on right and wrong.

Here are a few ways you can help.

1. Tell your child stories with a moral take away. This will help instill values in him really well as he will be able to retain a story for a longer duration. Tell your child about what a specific character in the story could have done instead of what was done. Try this with different fables.

2. Correct your child when he does something wrong. Tell him nicely that what he did should not happen again as it can have several adverse effects on other people.

3. Do not support your child's wrongdoing by protecting him when he does something wrong. This can be as trivial as taking a cookie although you asked him not to. Tell him repeatedly that it was wrong on his part to do so and it should not repeat.

4. Set a good example for your child by following all that is mentioned above. Your child firmly believes you are his superhero and would want to follow all of your movements. This will help your child turn into an individual with high moral values.

5. Have conversations with your child about right and wrong that suit his level of thinking. Tell him simple things, like it is not okay to hit someone or throw things all around the house. Appreciate all the right things he does so your appreciation motivates him to do the right thing at most times. Always remember that your child would not go wrong intentionally. Do not punish him, but help him reform his thoughts and actions.