Teach Your Kid Not To Be Afraid Of Failure

Teach Your Kid Not To Be Afraid Of Failure

Your child enjoys predictable things where he has control on the process and outcome.However, he may hesitate trying out new things, games or tasks, fearing failure.

Never label your child as a loser or criticize him when he underperforms. Avoid comparisons too. This can have devastating effect on his self-esteem. On the contrary, appreciate his efforts. You can say, “Well tried!”

Keep realistic expectations from your child. Have the focus on learning and gaining knowledge.

Give plenty of opportunities to your child where he tries and fails or succeeds. When he does not do well, teach him how to bounce back and improve. Compliment his efforts as he is working hard. The objective is to impart the message “Failure is part of learning and one should try again till he succeeds.” This however, takes time but you can lay the foundation early on.