Teach Your Kid The Application Of Contracted Words

Teach Your Kid The Application Of Contracted Words
5y to 6y

Contracted words and their application are the next echelon of language skills that your little one will have to master in their process of learning. These words serve as a stepping stone for the next level of language skills and learning to use them in conversational language will help your child in becoming more proficient.

1. Introduce the concept of contracted words to your child side-by-side with the full words. This helps in building associative language memory of the said word and the contracted form of the same. Therefore, your little one will not have to learn these words as something new, but as an extension to their existing knowledge of language, thus making the process simpler and something they can better understand.

2. Patiently begin to encourage your child to start using these contracted words in their conversational language. Contracted words make for an easier conversational experience and encourage your little one patient and persistent reminders of contracted words and how they can use it in the sentences that they just said. Lead by giving examples and then asking them to repeat after you, thus helping your child to recollect, remember and use these words in his day-to-day conversations.

3. In written language, you can do things such as picking out short passages and asking your little one to find the words of which contracted forms they have been taught of, highlight them and change them with a pencil. This allows your child to look for words for which contracted forms exist, reinforcing the knowledge of them by the means of practical application.

4. Keep in mind that these concepts are new skill level in the perspective of your child. She may or may not pick up these instructions and concepts at the first go. Allow your child to become familiar and pick up these concepts of language in their own time, so that they can be fully conversant for their age!