Teach Your Kid To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Choices

Teach Your Kid To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Choices

Making your child understand and realise the difference between good and bad is a task in itself. It is like halfway through the parenting journey if you as a parent are successful in imbibing this rare quality in your child. The whole world is divided in good and bad. But the best way to tell your child is that everything is grey, and there is nothing that is absolutely good and there is nothing like absolutely bad.

An honest statement that hurts the other person can turn out to be a negative thing. And, at the same time lying to save someone is at times touted to be a nobel act. While kids are too small to understand these tricky facets of life, what you should do is to try to make your child think in any situation on his own.

Allow him to develop his own sense of judgement that will eventually help him learn the act of good and bad. Throw a situation in front of him, and seek his opinion about it. Help him understand the various pieces of the act so that he understands. This way slowly your child will learn and understand when and what to judge based on the situation that he is in. Over the years this sense of judgement will help him distinguish between good and bad.