Teach Your Kid to Practice Kindness in Everyday Actions

Teach Your Kid to Practice Kindness in Everyday Actions

Your child at this stage inherits a lot from what he observes around him, be it your actions or actions of those whom he considers close. Channelize your child’s behaviour. Understand his mood and based on that, work on inculcating good morals in him. Take the opportunity of daily events to encourage him to be kind and helpful. 

For example, on the way out of a place, he can hold the door open for an elderly person to pass. One of the most important aspects of your child’s behaviour, kindness is an attribute that your child will learn only by observing the nature of kindness. It is not something that you can teach them at this tender age.

Encourage display of kindness through your own actions in every day events while your child is around. It could be treating a pet or an animal with love or greeting elders with humility or calling out to others with respect. If you expect your child to be a kind and gentle person as he grows up, start early in displaying those signs to him by holding a door for his grandparents or sharing a piece of chocolate or sweets with them.