Teach Your Kid To Practise Kindness Outside Home

Teach Your Kid To Practise Kindness Outside Home

Through small acts of kindness practised outside home, your child is getting a life long message of being kind and caring.

Get your child to volunteer in the nearby NGO or any local charity. It could be a box of toys, books, clothes, food items etc. Talk to him the children in the NGO need help. This way you are imparting the message to be grateful to what he has and he feels blessed.

Get him to teach respect for mother earth. Never to litter. You can also get him to plant a sapling in the plantation drive in the locality.

Assign age appropriate house chores. This way he understands all members in the family need to help each other and work as a team. His small meaningful contribution like keeping toys in the basket, keeping books on the shelf after reading, etc. boosts his pride. Appreciate his efforts.