Teach Your Kid To See The Funny Side Of Things

Teach Your Kid To See The Funny Side Of Things

Inculcating practice of seeing the lighter vein of things in your child is a priceless quality that you can let your child learn. Humor is the life force of living and showing your child the humorous side of things in his day-to-day life shows him that one need not always go searching for fun, but it can be found in the background of everyday life!

1. There is fun in every turn of your child’s day! Though her sense of humor may not be easy to see initially, spending more time with your child allows you to observe and understand how your child thinks, giving you ample opportunities to find what your child loves and finds funny

2. Children have a very simple understanding of fun, which may be something as simple as some object falling on the ground, comical faces or sounds and so on. Know that your child’s sense of humor is very basic and colorful and try to present fun and humor to them in this nature.

3. Success can be another source of laughter! While it is obviously demeaning and wrongful to poke fun at failure, taking it in a spirited manner always makes for hearty laugh with your child and hence you should always encourage your children to look at failure in the right attitude.

4. Not everyone can find their funny bone off the bat and this is true in the case of your child as well. Only by interacting with your little one and spending time with her will you be aware of what her sense of humor is like and get to know how you as a parent can help her utilize it?