Teach Your Kid Valuable Lessons Through Story Telling

Teach Your Kid Valuable Lessons Through Story Telling

As you know, books and stories are a great way to enhance your child’s vocabulary and language skills at this stage. But apart from this, stories are an excellent way to teach kids something important. Several classic stories have a moral, and most kids’ stories impart valuable life lessons.

Your kid will always be in a more receptive frame of mind when you tell her a story rather than if you just lecture her. Also, she will accept the lesson better if she can identify with the character in some way. So when you want to inculcate certain values in your child, introduce them in the form of a story with a fictional character like that of your child in a similar environment. This helps your kid to relate to the story on a personal level.

Remember to keep the story short, light and fun. The exercise will not be effective if your child finds the story too preachy or boring – it will make them lose interest.